Friday, October 20, 2017

Week 7 Reflection

This week has not been very eventful however I can mention what my idea is for my web art project. First off trying to decide upon a way to achieve a nonlinear hypertext based narrative in a way that does not feel like a cope out was challenging. Even now I am still doubting my idea but I think if I can do it well enough it will be very neat. The idea is to create an experience that essentially a rudimentary simulation of Windows and OSX that becomes more and more glitchy as the user clicks though the applications. The idea is to create a commentary on how operating systems are imperfect pieces of software that we all rely to interact seamlessly with our computer hardware to get work done, and however many improvements are made there is will still be problems because the perfect computer does not exist.

Tuesday, October 10, 2017

Week 6 Reflection

I am quite glad that we are covering HTML in class because I have always had a desire to learn it I just never wanted to do it because of what a preserved the learning curve to be. Since I must learn it now for the sake of my grades, I am finding it a lot easier and more interesting than I had originally anticipated. I am finding the possibilities for art very interesting with HTML. The simple blocks of color, text and images make for an interesting set of tools to create a visual experience. I can definitely see my self using this in the future to create something, but I am not sure what. The few pages that I have typed up already have been interesting to make because the more I mess around with it the more I learn. Also, W3School has been a great resource and has showed me little things that can make HTML easier to write and more organized. For example, the id attribute allows to for style to be defined in the head in turn streamlining the body. Another nice thing is responsive web design because it allows the webpage to scale to any screen resolution while retaining proportions of the text and images.
In my pages, I tried to incorporate as many things that I could apply that I learned from reading though the tutorials on the W3Schools website. I developed my pages as I read though the tutorials so I could experiment with what I was learning to have a better grasp of the concepts that were being presented.

Saturday, September 30, 2017


GIF Reading Response

GIF (Graphics Interchange Format) is a relic of the past that refuses to be discarded and continues to be used on a huge scale. A GIF shows us the need people have for a free universally format for expression. A format that is highly limited but completely open ended. In this volatile digital society, the GIF has only become more accessible to people. The GIF of 2017 is a meme. A little looping clip that makes a joke (generally) and can be disseminated easily on various social media sites. The GIF is a remnant of the new frontier the internet was in the 1990s when people made websites just because it was a new interesting thing to do. The GIF retains this feeling of freedom and wonder, but the applications of GIF has expanded with advances in technology. Considering the GIF was created before the internet was really a thing it is interesting to see how far technology has come and how the uses for GIF has expanded. Elaborating, initial GIFs were severely limited by hard drive space, bandwidth, and computer hardware therefore making GIFs limited to simple animations at low resolutions. Now these limitations are much less of a restriction on what can be done with a GIF allowing video clips to be shared in a highly efficient manner.

An interesting thing about GIF is that it is a free format to use so it is completely open to whoever has the know-how and the software to create them (although software may cost something depending on what is used). This creates an interesting parallel to something like Vine, which is now no longer around but took a similar approach to a GIF in the way that it was based around limited length looping videos, but it was unable to be profitable enough to sustain. The amazing thing about GIF is that it does not need an income to stay viable. It just stays relevant because it is an easily accessible tool. It just exists. It is a format. Either people do not use it and it is lost to time, or it continues to be used and remains part of the mainstream.

GIF has become a language in pop culture. People share these short-animated images to convey an idea rather than writing it out. A GIF is a new form of poetry. It is a concentrated thought or idea that can be shared rapidly. It can convey things that would be difficult to put in writing. It can make people laugh or gasp. It is a thing of beauty in its simplicity and lo-fi aesthetic (however there are way to make high-resolution GIFs) giving it an enduring quality. The uses of GIFs in 2017 shows how people are consistently able to innovate on something that has been done a million times.

GIF embodies what the internet once was, a place of freedom. In 2017 the GIF is what the people need to create. Finally, the GIF is a piece of art. No matter how mundane or simple it is. It is a reflection of an intention that a person has. It is an expression of what a person needs to say. It is an expansion of language that allows for images to purvey a feeling. That is what the GIF is in 2017.

Sunday, September 24, 2017

Project 1 Chimeras, Hybrids and Monsters, Oh My!

My chimeras/hybrids/monsters are statements on how combining things that are similar but serve different purposes utterly create an unusable product. I also wanted to point out how technology advances and that trying to combine old and new creates redundancies that make the functionality of the product cumbersome. For example, the phone chimera is made up of an iPhone X, a rotary dial, the keyboard of a Blackberry phone (which is the section that the rotary dial sits on top of and has been edited beyond recognition), and a slide-out phone keyboard all of which, excluding the iPhone x, are obsolete because of the implication of a touch screen. The computer chimera shows how combining graphical user interfaces (GUIs) from multiple operating system makes an incoherent experience visually. Also, there would most likely be compatibility issues among the operating systems making it unusable. Additionally, the combination of a vintage Apple monitor and a modern Dell server creates a situation where one could not achieve a purely new experience or a purely nostalgic one. Rather the monitor is a hindrance because of its limited screen size and resolution not to mention the monitor is quite bulky being a CRT (cathode ray tube). The game console chimera shows how a combination of unique entities makes them no longer unique and diminishes the total value of a brand. Elaborating, each company has its exclusive games and unique console design by combining them the games are no long exclusive in a sense and the console design becomes a mess of different styles.

The process was relatively strait forward. I do not remember what gave me the idea initially, but I started out with a screen shoot of a Windows 95 desktop and a photo of an Apple II computer. From there I played around with GUIs from various operating systems and several pieces of computer hardware. I then repeated the process with gaming consoles and cells phones to create the other two pieces. I decided that going with a more realistic look over something like a Dada collage would make more sense because technology is analytical in nature.

Monday, September 18, 2017

Week 3 Reflection

At the moment I am using the low hanging fruit of combining animals because nothing particularly clever has come to mind. So, I am combining animals that belong to different parts of the food chain making a predator into a nearly useless creature instead of the perfect product of evolution.

However if I have the time I may try to come up with something better.